Best Student Paper Award

Best student paper award contest is limited to full time students (undergraduate or graduate students).

For a paper to qualify for the Best Student Paper Award, a student must be the first author and the presenter of the oral presentation. The candidates are required to show their full time student identification.

To participate in student paper contest, please indicate in the check box "participate in the student paper contest" when submitting the paper through the submission system.

The papers shall be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Professional Merit (40%)
  • Contribution (30%)
  • Presentation Quality (30%)

The Best Student Paper Award winners will receive a Certificate endorsed by ICNP 2016 committees and cash prize.

Here's the criteria for the Best Student Paper Award.

Professional Merit (40%)

  1. Creativity and originality, as reflected in new insights, interpretations, facts, innovations, methods, applications, etc. (stimulating, informative, enlightening, etc.)
  2. Scholarship embodied in the presentation, explanations, interpretations, and discussions (researched, documented, balanced, critical, etc.)

Contribution (30%)

  1. Societal or scientific/technical significance of the topic or problem investigated or expounded (universality, urgency, impact, etc.)
  2. Relevance of the topic or problem to the interests of Nanophotonics science and technology

Presentation Quality (30%)

  1. Readability, effective organization and presentation of concepts, facts, arguments, etc. (structure, logic, persuasiveness, etc.)
  2. Use of clear, concise, comprehensible, and jargon-free language during the oral presentation (ease and pleasure of reading)